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Our beers have a character that distinguishes them all. The hops makes them fragrant, bitter and with an intense flavor and balanced alcohol level. Five beers produced, between 5 and 8.5 degrees.

Golden Ale

Saison bio

American Stout

birra lavika

Amber Ipa

Belgian Strong Ale

Imperial Barrel Stout

Triskele| Golden Ale

Golden yellow beer, with a slender body on a fairly intense finish in terms of flavor and aroma. The English pale malt par excellence, the Maris Otter, is the master with its biscuit tones. Intense hopping both in aroma and in dry hopping, with citrus base, with a fairly intense bitterness. Very drinkable and refreshing thanks to its low alcohol content.

water, barley malt, sugar, hops, yeast.

5.5% Vol. Alc.

Bitter: 🟡🟡🟡⚪⚪⚪
25 IBUs

1282 Chiara | Wheat Ale

Golden with a nice persistent white foam hat. On the nose, citrus notes of lemon and orange predominate. Hints of cereal and bread crust. In the mouth it is more fruity, slightly bitter with the organic wheat of Giustalisa which makes it slightly acidic. Slim body and strong carbonation. A beer for everyone. In late summer cooked we add organic Verdello lemon zest.

Excellent to combine especially with:
Pizza, red and white meats

Water, barley malt, wheat malt, Giustalisa organic wheat, organic verdello lemon peel, hops, yeast, sugar

5.0% Vol. Alc.

Bitter: 🟡⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
12 IBUs

Moramora | American Stout

Meditation beer. Its color is an intense and impenetrable black, with a creamy beige foam. The nose reveals intense aromas of cocoa, coffee and licorice, and delicate coconut and vanilla. In the mouth it is a soft and velvety beer thanks to oats, very intense due to the high alcohol content, a non-invasive bitter that leaves room for a very long taste. 1 ‘at the Cerevisia Award 2018.

Water, barley malt, oats, toasted coconut, sugar, hops, yeast. High fermentation.

7.5% Vol. Alc.

Bitter: 🟡🟡🟡🟡⚪⚪
35 IBUs

birra lavika

Lavika | Amber Ipa

Amber colored beer in pure American style. The nose has intense citrus and exotic fruit notes given by the simcoe and citra hops; on the palate a floral aroma and strong hints of ripe fruit. The bitterness is very marked but well balanced by the fullness of taste of the caramelised malts. A true champion.
2 ‘at the Cerevisia Award 2018 in the High Fermentation category.

water, barley malt, sugar, hops, yeast.

6.5% Vol. Alc.

Bitter: 🟡🟡🟡🟡⚪⚪
40 IBUs

Sciciri' | Belgian Strong Ale

Our typical Belgian-inspired beer. Sweet orange color with an intense and inviting character. Soft and persistent foam. The aromatic profile is rich in esters and with hints of ripe fruit, honey and candied sugar. Dangerously drinkable, despite the high alcohol content. 8.5 degrees of pure pleasure.

Water, barley malt, oats, wheat, sugar, hops, yeast.


8.5% Vol. Alc.

Bitter: 🟡🟡⚪⚪⚪⚪
23 IBUs

birra lavika

Chimera | Imperial Barrel Stout

A unique beer, an imperial stout that has been aged for 4 months in american barrels of ex bourbon and ex Jamaican rhum and other 3 months in bottle, that have released a imposing note of wood rich in bourbon, chocolate, coffee liqueur, vanilla. in the background there are light roasts that remind of coffee and cocoa powder and also an ethyl note (8.5 degrees and not feeling them). the sweet aroma, very velvety and contained carbonation, full body. a complex alcoholic mix on the nose: maple syrup and freshly ground coffee, whiskey liqueur, chocolate. warm and fulfilling feeling. slight toasts. Re-fermented with maple syrup.

Limited production

Water, barley malt, oats, sugar, maple syrup, hops, yeast. High fermentation.

8.5 % Vol. Alc.

Bitter: 🟡⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
15 IBUs

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