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This beer is a declaration of love to Sicily, its people and its history. With Birra dei Vespri, we want to invite to a daily peaceful cultural revolution aiming to enhance our traditions and our roots of freedom. 

Birra dei Vespri


Created with passion to the last drop, Birra dei Vespri is the result of many years of research conducted by Gaetano Bucaro. His mission is to create recipes to satisfy all craft beer lovers who want to taste something new and courageous.

Passion is the most important component and it is 100% Sicilian! Because not all the ingredients can be Sicilian for obvious reasons, but the people who do this who are and are creating something unique thanks to the energy that this wonderful island emanates.

Like you and like Sicily, domination after domination, without ever losing the desire to be yourself. Free with the tenacity to always do and say what seems right to us and fighting to get it. Like when you want to make a dream come true at all costs.

Our Story

Over the Years

Golden Medal at the “Concourse de Lyon”

Lavika and Moramore both Golden Medal at the Concourse de Lyon 2021


Cerevisia Award

Best Beer of South Italy


Cerevisia Award

Lavika and Moramora best beers



Born from Gaetano’s Bucaro experience of making homemade crafted beer in Altavilla Milicia province of Palermo


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