Minikeg Lavika

Minikeg Lavika

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Our minikegs are 3 liter kegs and are a great way to pour your favorite beer right into your home. They are equipped with an internal bag and a system that does not oxidize the beer. You can store it in the fridge to maintain the temperature and it lasts 20 days.You can see how it works by viewing the tutorial by clicking here

LAVIKA Amber Ipa

Amber colored beer in pure American style. The nose has intense citrus and exotic fruit notes given by the simcoe and citra hops; on the palate a floral aroma and strong hints of ripe fruit. The bitterness is very marked but well balanced by the fullness of taste of the caramelised malts. A true champion.
2 ‘at the Cerevisia Award 2018 in the High Fermentation category.

Excellent to combine especially with:
Red meats, pasta with sauce.

water, barley malt, sugar, hops, yeast.

Alc.vol 6.5 %

Ibu 40


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